Ms Lin

If you are looking for an online teacher, I highly recommend Ms Lin. She is very professional and good at adapting her lessons to your preferences/wishes and level of speaking. She has a friendly and encouraging way of teaching and always leave you feeling confident and motivated to progress.
Jan S. Norway
I have been learning Mandarin Chinese with Ms Lin for over a year now and can only sumarize her as an amazing teacher. She is focused, welcoming, always prepared and open to discuss any topic. We are learning daily, modern and pop culture Chinese, which means that for each week she prepares dedicated materials that, not only relate to current affairs or hot social discussion topics, but also are on my level of fluency. I would also like to recommend her Instagram @mslinchinese for high quality, free content.
Johanna M. Poland
Ms Lin is a wonderful Cantonese teacher who is very patient and encouraging. With her guidance, we have learnt a lot about "how Cantonese works", how to leverage our Mandarin (and English) to help improve, as well as a lot of cool things about HK history and culture. I'm really excited for future classes and would highly recommend Ms Lin to everyone who wants to learn Cantonese, Mandarin or French, as I am sure the diligence and care she applies to creating courses extends to all these languages.
Esther T. UK
Since I started learning Chinese, I have taken lessons with many teachers and I can confidently say that Ms Lin is one of the best, which is why I have been taking lessons with her regularly for more than 1.5 years now. I particularly appreciate her unfailing flexibility in adapting the lessons to my individual wishes and her motivation to get me to the best possible learning outcomes as quickly and efficiently as possible. She responds very well to my ever-changing goals and designs the lessons optimally, taking into account my individual preferences. I have no doubt that she can brilliantly perform all activities involved in teaching languages and can recommend her as a teacher without reservation.
Verena W. Germany
I have been studying Cantonese with Ms Lin for past few months and we have finished 20 lessons till now. I absolutely love the way she teaches and how organised her materials are. You don't find a lot of Cantonese material online and Ms Lin really helps her students to get the right resources according to their level. I ll absolutely recommend her for learning Cantonese. Thank you Elaine ?? Looking forward to take more lessons from you :)
Samridhi S. India
I have been doing weekly distance lessons with Ms Lin for over 16 months and this is definitely the best decision I have ever made since I started learning Chinese! It is always a pleasure to study Chinese with a teacher who is always cheerful, positive and by your side to support you.While adapting to your pace, Ms Lin varies the difficulty and content of her lessons with great professionalism to keep her students motivated. If you want to combine the useful with the pleasant, I highly recommend that you start your Chinese learning journey with Ms Lin, regardless of your Chinese level, and make sure you rock all your future HSK exams!
Nadine P. France
Ms Lin is a super teacher, and during the 2 hours a week I learn how to speak and understand Cantonese in a friendly way. The progress I made is beyond expectations and I am so eager to visit Hong Kong and try what I learned. Just be warned… the classes with Ms Lin are addictive as she can motivate you to prepare for the next lesson.
Laurent H. Belgium
Ms Lin has been my Mandarin teacher since January 2021 and I can confidently say that she has been an invaluable resource to my language learning journey. Our weekly lessons are a fantastic opportunity for me to study Mandarin in a holistic and thorough way. They are thoughtfully put together by Ms Lin to expand my vocabulary, improve my speaking-skills and develop my cultural understanding of China as a whole. In particular, I appreciate how supportive and patient Ms Lin is - she has an excellent feel for pacing the content to ensure that I can follow along effectively. I truly couldn’t recommend her enough to other students wishing to study Mandarin.
Anastasia S. UK
I have been taking Mandarin Chinese lessons with Ms Lin for a year now, and I have had a wonderful experience with her as my teacher. She has an extensive knowledge of the Chinese language, and is great at explaining difficult concepts for a learner at an advanced stage like me. She has taught me a lot about Chinese culture also, and does a lot of research and preparation to ensure that my cultural knowledge is at the same level as my linguistic abilities. Ms Lin also speaks English extremely well, which is a great asset in the lessons, as she can give me translations for difficult concepts when needed - her range of vocabulary is impressive. I know that she is also fluent in French and Cantonese, and that she is currently learning Spanish. I really enjoy Ms Lin's classes, she is encouraging and kind and always listens if I have any concerns or anything specific that I want to work on. She is incredibly well prepared and always send me vocabulary lists, extra resources and homework immediately after the class. She always responds promptly to my emails, and answers my questions any time. She is also every flexible, for example I started working on translation with her, and then my focus changed, and she was happy to start working on HSK 6 material with me. She was very accommodating and continues to check in on my goals and strives to help me reach them. I would recommend Ms Lin to any student learning Chinese, she is a wonderful teacher. Her knowledge and experience are second to none and she will work very hard to give you the best experience and to cater to your learning needs.
Erin D. Scotland
Thank you Lin ??? Elaine was a great teacher for me, it was a pleasure to study Chinese with her! She exposes the contents in an engaging way and has helped me a lot with the deepening of the language. I will definitely come back to train my Chinese with her!
Giorgia B. Italy
Ms. Lin has helped my Mandarin reach an advanced level starting from upper intermediate in only half a year. We mainly focused on essay writing and reading as these were my weaknessess. During our customized lessons, she was always interactive and creative. Beyond her teaching ability, she has amazing soft skills and people skills which I think is what differentiates just an effective teacher versus a mentor that you eventually look up to and someone you want to make proud through your own progress. Being an avid language lerner herself, no one is better suited to guide you in the intricacies of the Mandarin world than someone who's been there and done that. If you are like me and prefer unconventional but effective language learning, if you want a teacher with a heart and not just brains, then Laoshi is the best person.
Joche H. Philippines
Couldn't recommend Ms Lin enough as a teacher! She is extremely efficient, prepared and supportive. Classes are always enjoyable and leave me smiling at the end. She uses a huge range of resources and her explanations are clear and so helpful. I've been learning both Mandarin and Cantonese for more than three years with various teachers and she is truly the best!
Danai H. UK
All the lessons are specially thought for my needs. The way she teaches and the useful information she shares with me about the culture and habits as well. It's helping me to understand the language in itself, too.
Claudia G. Italy
I like the motivation, organization, charisma and clarity of the teacher. Ms Lin is quite simply one of the best language teachers I have ever had. She is very capable and talented.
Lino C. Peru
Ms Lin is a wonderful Chinese teacher. She has a lot of patience and understanding of the goals you want to achieve in learning Mandarin, Chinese. She has a lot of effective and useful methods to help you achieve those goals and gives great advice in studying Mandarin. She is an amazing teacher, and I would recommend trying one of her classes.
Ryan M. UK
The lessons are very interactive. Even if I am tired, sometimes, after work, I feel much better after class (The way I learn new words and how to make sentences always encourages me to do better)
Federica C. Italy
Ms Lin provides an excellent introduction to Cantonese through her Absolute Beginner Cantonese Course. She is a very skilled, kind, and attentive teacher, who takes into account her students' learning styles, previous language experience, and interests. I would highly recommend her classes to anyone interested in Mandarin and Cantonese, as well as her Instagram account @mslinchinese where she uploads excellent learning content. ??????
Maria Carolina D.N. Brazil
Interactive! Ms Lin is very patient and will correct my tones
Emily R. Hong Kong
Since I met Ms. Lin on instagram last year and decided to take one on one online course with her, my Chinese language has improved rapidly. In particular, my grammar and my pronunciation skill. Ms Lin is a very friendly and humorous teacher, making learning so interesting. With her professional expertise in teaching she always explains any of my question clearly and patiently.
Bing G. Indonesia
I was feeling quite discouraged with my progress (I never have enough patience with myself). But we went over all of the material I have been studying by having some basic conversations and putting together some sentences. She was very encouraging and oh so patient with me, so I'm feeling much better about my progress. Ms Lin is a wonderful teacher and I'm very proud to call her my laoshi! If you are looking for an online Mandarin teacher who is understanding, patient, and overall badass, I highly recommend Ms Lin!
Loryn P. US
The classes are structured differently from most other courses I have taken. Exercises are never the same and I am learning not just the grammar but mostly how to deal with situations with day to day vocabulary
Ludovica C. Italy
I love Ms Lin's lessons! She makes them enjoyable and the hour just flies (even the weather or sick vocab one ??)
Saray F. Spain
The lessons follow a plan but are very flexible and you use relevant terminology. Also Ms Lin give us amazing resources to use for practice
Emma C. US